HR Consultancy in the UK

HR consultancy firms provide a range of general and specialised services to businesses focused on attracting, retaining and developing a competitive workforce. HR consultancy in the UK has grown over the years, with more people joining the business and experts offering their knowledge and skills to the HR functions of firms. Most HR professionals in the UK have found consultancy appealing as a result of the advantages it offers.

The independence and freedom from corporate restrictions and rules, the personal responsibility it offers and personal management of time attract many experts looking to break away from corporate structures. HR consultancy firms hire well-trained and experienced consultants that are well-versed in matters of organisational management, equal opportunity employment and non-discriminatory regulation as well as labour laws.

Some HR consultancies are generalists, preferring to deal in a wide range of personnel jobs such as recruitment, performance management, training, payroll administration and health, safety and legal compliance. Other consultancy firms on the other hand are specialists, choosing to offer their expertise in one or more of the above areas. The continued market growth and expansion in the UK has driven the demand for talent up, with most consultancy firms setting up talent acquisition functions.

The HR consultancy firms are contracted by clients to recruit the best candidates for the roles that need filling, and are in charge of the whole process from CV screening to hiring and on-boarding. HR consultancy firms also provide their expertise on matters legal compliance. The consultants in these firms are conversant with the UK’s Employment Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act and other employment regulations. These firms also provide training and development services in form of workshops and seminars.

These training sessions cover areas such as customer service, IT literacy skills, leadership skills and time management. Health and safety are crucial issues for companies. HR consultancy firms ensure that firms follow the UK federal and state safety regulations, and provide training on safe security practices in the event of a crisis. The firms also offer advice on employee compensation and benefits through payroll services and recommendations on pay scales depending on industry market rates.